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Seconda prova linguistico 2016 traccia inglese svolta

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SECONDA PROVA LINGUISTICO 2016 TRACCIA INGLESE: SVOLGIMENTO.  La seconda prova di liceo linguistico di inglese scelta dal Miur è arrivata. Noi della redazione di Studentville vi aggiorniamo continuamente sulle tracce, lo svolgimento e le soluzioni della prova, avendo un tutor a disposizione che svolge i brani. Ecco il link per seguire gli aggiornamenti live:
Seconda prova: tracce e soluzioni
SVOLGIMENTO SECONDA PROVA LINGUISTICO 2016 TRACCIA INGLESE: LE RISPOSTE ALLE DOMANDE Ecco le prime soluzioni alla traccia d’inglese di Liceo linguistico svolta dal nostro tutor.  In particolare ecco le prime risposte di comprensione al brano d’attualità (Tipologia A) tratto dal The Guardian.
1) When Alejandro Macarròn  started to work on the numbers of Spain’s changing demographics he was very surprised because he discovered that for every baby born, more than two people die in some Spain’s provinces and that the ratio is quickly moving closer to one to three.
2) Two are the facts of Spain’s current demographic situation: a) Spain has one of the lowest fertility rates in the EU, with an average of 1.27 children born for every woman of childbearing age. b) since 2012 Spain’s population has been shrinking because of the economic crises of the Country. Hundreds of thousands of Spaniards and migrants leave their own Country in the hope of finding jobs abroad.
3) The Paradox is that as the police battle to keep them at bay, a demographic crisis is unfolding across the continent.  The title of the article admonish that Europe needs many more babies to avert a population disaster, and it is very curious and dangerous that most of the European Countries are doing the exact opposite.
4) Europe desperately needs more young people to run its healt services, populate its rural areas and look after its elderly because, increasingly, its societies are no longer self- sustaining. It is a very simple concept: more old people means more costs for our government because of retirement benefits and healthcare. At the same time less young people means less work, less revenue and less progress for European Countries.
5) In 2013 Alejandro Macarròn and some of his friends founded a non-profit group, Demographic, Renaissance in 2013, with the aim of raising awareness of the crises.
6) If this huge problem will not be solved within a short time and the actual figures  of Demographic decrease will remain constant, every new generation of Spaniards will be 40% smaller than the previous one.
7) The “Grey Vote” is an expression that Macarròn uses to indicate the vote of old people that is very powerful because we are living in a gerontocratic society where old people are more than young people and during the elections they express their preference for the party that promises to solve their problems.  It is not a coincidence that during the same time frame of this huge demographic issue expenditures on pensions rose by more than 40%. As Alejandro Macarròn affirms: “We are moving closer to being a gerontocratic society – it’s a government of the old.”
8) Many villages in Galicia look like abandoned villages. A landscape full of abandoned houses, farms and schools (more than 1,500 settlements) overgrown with weeds and bushes.
9) The region of Galicia tried to tackle the demographic issue in 2012 launching with plans to roll out measures such as home and transport subsidies for families and radio advertisements urging woman to have more children.
10) According to Portuguese Prime Minister Coelho the next ten to fifteen years would be decisive in reversing the trend of Demographic decrease. In His opinion if Europe doesn’t take any measure against this problem “these issues will only be solved by a miracle.”
Question Number 1
As a young Italian citizen and, above all, as a young European these dramatic numbers behind Europe’s changing demographics, are very alarming. In particular I agree with the paragraph of the Macarròn essay where he asserts that the “grey vote”, that is the vote of the elderly population of our Countries , is going to destroy our society where we are full of debts. Our Country cannot afford to pay too many retirement benefits so a lot of people now use to work even after their retirement. That means that for young people it is more difficult to find a proper job. But, if you do not find a proper job, you are not autonomous, and if you are not autonomous it is very difficult that you will be able to marry someone and that you will buy a home or rise a baby. I think that one of the greatest dreams of young people is to be independent, and you can achieve this dream only if you study and if you find the job that you love or, at least, the job that allows you to have all that you need for yourself and for the people that you care about. If your Country cannot give this simple things to you, you have to leave and find your way abroad. This is something very sad and it is something that is affecting all the Italian/European people under 30 years of age. On the other hand, I see that old people cannot live with the money that they receive every month from the Government and this terrorizes me and my friends, because we understand that one day, if we will ever be able to be eligible to get a pension, probably we will be forced to go to work till the end of our days because the money we will earn will not be enough. So, if we will solve all these problems we will solve the problem of the demographic decrease too.
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